Heal the emotion, heal the condition

My therapy is based on an understanding that emotions play a key role in the development of symptoms. Emotions affect us physiologically as much as they do emotionally. The reason we have emotions is to prompt us to resolve that which has caused them: they are a call to action. If we do not or cannot heal these emotional issues they can cause symptoms of illness within the physical body and mind which can lead to pain and disease, phobias and a limited quality of life.

The focus of my therapy is to resolve these biologically active emotions and create harmony from within using scientifically backed healing modalities that help alleviate physical and emotional issues and symptoms and allows for natural recovery so the body can begin healing itself.

The therapy process is straightforward and combines traditional counselling with a range of alternative holistic healing modalities.

We understand that the body’s subconscious mind controls muscle function so we use the accurate muscle testing of Kinesiology, a type of body feedback therapy which allows the body to respond to targeted questions and help identify the life events and their emotions which have triggered your body into ill health.

When the stress is identified we use Hypnotherapy, which helps you revisit these issues of the past and rewrite them so your body no longer has a need to create physical ailments.

When working remotely via Skype, we incorporate EFT (emotional freedom technique)  with counselling. EFT combines ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology, providing instant results, working at the deeper emotional level, allowing you to work through any emotional blocks and find your own solutions by changing the way you look at these issues and your own personal story. 

Combined, these treatments offer both immediate relief and incredible insight, and over a course of sessions lead to notable improved health mentally, physically and spiritually, resulting in more joy and an improved quality of life.

I worked with Derek to retrace traumatic events from his past which had led to his development of Crohn's disease: a chronic illness and auto immune disease, which led to negative side effects from drugs, plans for surgery and a subsequent anxiety disorder.

Together we used kinesiology, EFT (emotional freedom technique/tapping) and traditional counselling to heal his physical disease by healing the emotional and ultimately giving him his life back.

My healing work is suitable to anybody experiencing physical or emotional conditions such as anxiety, depression, phobias, skin complaints, digestive issues, auto immune disorders and much more.

Appointments can be made with me directly by calling (+44) 141 649 1444 to meet with me in my practice in Glasgow:


4 Parklands Road
Glasgow, Scotland,
G44 3RA

I work with clients worldwide and can offer remote healing and consultations via skype and facebook messenger.

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Click the video above to hear Derek's story and find out how my gentle, responsive healing helped him in his healing journey and how it can help you too