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Overcoming our Demons

Wow I love this as it reminds me of a lecture by Lama Tsultrim Allione in her 2014 presentation in Naropa Buddhist conference, "Feeding your Demons".

Feeding our Demons sounds like a rather new age but self-defeating thing to do and yet this paradigm in therapy thinking has been around for over 1000 years and has proven itself to be extremely effective.

The Demons that we are talking about here are inner demons which belong entirely to us. We experience them directly by feeling things such as "I am so unattractive" or "I am really stupid, I should have done better" etc. These are what I would call direct demons because there is a direct connection between the self judgement and one of our qualities. We can also have indirect demons and these present as feelings which control our behavior and even on a subconscious level determine our abilities to function. Things like "I won't go to the party tonight because I know I am a rubbish singer and they will be pestering me to have a go at the karaoke" or "I am not going for that job because I feel uncomfortable with the prospect of being ridiculed because I am dyslexic". The demons involved here are creating behavioral change and therefore they take away ones freedom of choice. In extreme cases of demon control conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorders can develop.

Metaphysically they guard a doorway which opens to a hitherto un-experienced sense of personal freedom which lies within us. The experience of healing your demons is individual to each person but the sense of freedom and possibility is experienced by all.

These Demons, these inner energies are in reality our learned emotional reactions to life events which linger on within and control our feelings, our behavior and ultimately our health. They can range in strength from mild feelings of emotional discomfort to extreme paranoia and self-devaluation. They are activated whenever the unconscious mind becomes aware of situations which it feels relates to the underlying issue which caused the demon initially. They spring to life in order to warn us and protect us from this pain through avoidance.

So what can we do about our Demons?

I have found in my workshops that demons can be transformed into helping friends through the use of Generative Trance combined with Kinesiology and emotional feedback. Generative Trance creates a heightened state of consciousness within our minds and helps us to connect with our inner potential (the potential within the unconscious mind) and the greater field of consciousness which exists everywhere. Combining this with Kinesiology and emotional feedback can enable you to heal the wounded parts of you from which the demon has risen.

Healing your demons can transfer the energy which they hold back to you and can in fact make you much stronger and more able to achieve your life wishes.

Part of healing is to take ownership of the problem and to some degree responsibility for it manifesting within. (It is interesting to note that if we point the finger of blame outwards there are always three fingers pointing right back at ourselves.)

If you feel you want to try to heal your demons by yourself, why not try and sit quietly in meditation and when you are ready, approach the demon issue and extend the hand of friendship. Accept it because it is part of you and you know that every part of you is trying, in its own way, to help you live safely and successfully. Ask your demon what it is protecting you from and ask that this answer will form quietly within the back of your mind all by its self. Then go about your day and be open to receive awareness's but do not search for them.

When your demons create health issues such as anxiety, weight issues etc then this is when my therapy skills such as Emotional healing and generative trance can help. These are also part of the "manifest your dreams through trance and active attunement" workshops which will be held throughout the year and soon to be announced., Group scenarios really increase the therapeutic energy and these workshops are a great place to clear out your demons and increase your vibration and increase your potential to manifest your wishes, in health and life. This year we have various workshops coming up so if this interests you stay tuned and we will post the adverts on Facebook and on this site.

Wishing you all the best in health and life, and a wonderful week ahead!

Robert Jardine

RK (UK), Dip.AH
Skype: Robert Jardine Healing

PS. If you would like to receive a free 20 minute consultation with me, I am able to work with you either face to face, at my healing retreat in the highlands or remotely via Skype or Facebook Messenger so please feel free to reach out to me to see how my healing methods can help you on your healing journey.

For more information about what I do, and how I do it, please check out my working together page on my website Contact forms can also be found throughout my website!

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