This diagram is such a lovely catalyst for opening the mind to new perspectives. For me it hits home to a knowing which has come into my life through my work in helping people overcome their health challenges. I have had the immense pleasure of working with people with conditions ranging from cancer to fungal nail infections and all things in between, and yet this "truth" relates to all of them and it is this:

When any of us finds ourselves with a symptom or condition to deal with, the most important thing we need to have to get control and overcome it is understanding. When we understand why our bodies have created a symptom and what life issue has caused our bodies to do this then a clear picture appears out of the bewildering confusion of it all.

No matter what problem we face but especially in health problems and especially with serious health issues, there are two main foundations which we need to build our recovery on. First is understanding what is happening and why it is happening and second is having a means to get control and lead things back to safety. We need a sense of control through understanding.

With bewilderment and helplessness things spiral out of control and this in turn causes a second wave of symptoms in response to these two emotions. This is not good at all.

The moment we understand we start to stabilise and take stock and then the problem starts to become a practical problem to deal with and this is much less worrying indeed.

Having an understanding and a plan does not guarantee success but it gives us a real good chance and perhaps more importantly it stops the worry spiral creating more and potentially worse things to deal with appearing.

In my book, "The emotional path to digestive health: An introduction to healing the emotional triggers of IBD", I talk about this and of 3 keys of understanding. These 3 keys of understanding in my opinion, apply to virtually every health issue and set in place an empowering perspective from which to build the foundations of your recovery. Although the title infers this book is solely about IBD it actually applies to health in general and if it is read with this understanding, it could be a place for you or for someone you know to start the road to recovery.

In this groundbreaking book, I not only explain the root possible causes of your illness in a new, empowering way, but I also present you with actionable solutions so that you can begin your healing journey NOW.

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So connecting the dots indeed does help us to find our way out of the confusing maze which diagnosis and disease often cause.

Wishing you all the best in health and life, and a wonderful weekend!

Robert Jardine

RK (UK), Dip.AH
Skype: Robert Jardine Healing

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