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The purpose of this site is to help you answer these questions:


* Why have I developed this health condition?


* What can I do to help myself recover naturally?


You can imagine that knowing the answers to these questions could put you in control of your recovery. It could give you the information you need to start a natural healing and potentially restore your good health.


These answers are contained within a very large but little known body of scientific research which uncovered a biological law. This law applies to all diseases and shows us clearly that disease is caused by biological stress conflicts. These are emotional events which affect us "biologically" .






More about biological stress conflicts and their cause.

Biological stress conflicts are unexpected emotional shocks which we experience emotionally but our bodies also react to biologically. These real life shocks cause detectable changes within the brain structure and biological changes, called disease, within the body. This same scientific research also shows that resolving these biological stress conflicts enables people to heal naturally and often quickly.

It is not legal to claim to heal, cure or even explain disease and I do not make these claims however this research reveals the answer to the above questions and it is this:


*You have developed a health condition because you experienced a biological stress conflict and your body is reacting to it.


*To help yourself recover naturally you resolve the biological stress conflicts which are causing your health condition.


I understand this process and I offer to help you understand it and benefit from it as well.


It is straightforward, common sense and it works


This empowering therapy involves working together with my client to identify and resolve biological stress conflicts. A practical solution to a biological stress is best, for example, removing yourself from the person or situation which is causing the stress, but sometimes this is not possible and much work is needed to find an effective alternative. This is where my kinesiology skills come to good use.

It is good to keep in mind that we are designed to be healthy and if our bodies react and we develop an illness there is a reason for this reaction. Over 50,000 cases within the continuing GNM research shows us that we develop illness because of biological stress conflicts. It makes sense to address these first to increase our chances of a full and successful outcome.

Some thoughts on healing


Many other healing methods, including medicine, attempt to fight symptoms in a multitude of ways whereas GNM helps us rectify the cause.


This approach to healing can run alongside more conventional treatments and is worth considering sooner rather than later..


Although most health conditions can be successfully addressed, it is worth noting that for some conditions the longer one waits or the more advanced the disease has become the harder it is to achieve a natural recovery. Again this is why I say it is best to use this natural method sooner rather than as a last resort.

Two scans showing that disease is controlled from the brain and caused by the life stresses we experience. If we resolve the stress our bodies try to heal by natural means. Click image to enlarge.

To sum up:


My therapy offers you a path to freedom from the health conditions you suffer. I work with you to accurately identify and resolve the stress conflicts which are underlying your condition. This process releases your inner potential to heal and helps you to achieve a positive and lasting outcome.





Why not walk this path and find your healing, you deserve it. Through healing your unresolved biological stress conflicts you can regain your natural state of well-being. You can look and feel better and have a sense of optimism about the future because with this new knowledge you will understand your health and be in control of it.





Please note you are invited to call me or email me if you want to talk about this life changing therapy. Skype consultations can easily be arranged for treatment so distance need not be a block to finding your healing.

Enjoy and Discover.

NOTE The information and concepts presented in this website are for your interest and educational purposes only. You are advised to seek appropriate medical help from a registered medical doctor if you are unwell. There is no claim made or suggested that my work will address, alleviate, treat or cure any form of disease, including but not limited to all forms of cancer. Kinesiology which I practice is a therapy method which helps in the balancing of chi energies and emotional energies. It is not a direct treatment for any disease.