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If you are looking for answers to these questions you are in the right place:


* Why have I developed this health condition?


* How can I gain control and help myself recover naturally?


Answers to these important questions are found within a continuing body of scientific research. This research involves brain scanning techniques and shows consistently that health problems are triggered by biological stress conflicts and can be healed by resolving these conflicts. These special stresses are emotional events which affect us "biologically".


More about biological stress conflicts and their cause.

These real life emotional shocks cause detectable changes within the brain structure and biological changes, called disease, within the body. When these stress conflicts are resolved our bodies try to reverse the disease process naturally to restore normal health. For detailed information on this ground breaking research and information on specific symptoms and diseases see: www.learninggnm.com

It is not legal to claim to heal, cure or even explain disease and I do not make these claims however this research clearly reveals answers to the above questions:


*You have developed a health condition because you experienced an emotional and biological stress and your body is reacting to it.


*To help yourself recover naturally you need to resolve the emotional conflicts which are causing your health condition.


I understand this process so get in touch if you are interested.

NOTE: The information and concepts presented in this website are for your interest and educational purposes only. You are advised to seek appropriate medical help from a registered medical doctor if you are unwell. There is no claim made or suggested that my work will address, alleviate, treat or cure any form of disease, including but not limited to all forms of cancer. Kinesiology which I practice is a therapy method which helps in the balancing of chi energies and emotional energies. It is not a direct treatment for any disease.