Heal the Emotion and Heal Your Symptom



A therapy enables you to heal “biologically active” emotions and helps you to regain your natural state of good health.



Emotions are the invisible energy which our bodies use to create and control symptoms. I have seen dramatic and complete recoveries of serious conditions simply by resolving emotional issues.



Evidence shows that emotions affect our brain tissue and trigger biological changes within our bodies. They cause actual changes within the brain and physical symptoms in the body. These symptoms do not heal until their emotional cause is healed first.

Emotional healing is a key factor in overcoming chronic conditions such as digestive disorders and other conditions as well. Very often emotional healing is the only healing needed as this stops the inner struggle, and the symptoms heal by default. With my work your body loses its reason to be ill and regains its ability to heal and recover naturally.

Heal the emotion and heal the symptom.

lBD, Crohn's, Colitis, Leaky Gut, IBS, Bloating, GERD, Acid Reflux, Heart Burn...


Skin conditions, Auto-immune, Tinnitus, ME, CFS, Low energy, Allergies, Gout...

My theapy includes Hypnotherapy and Kinesiology and I have spent many years studying the emotional processes which cause dis-ease. With Kinesiology (a type of body feedback therapy which uses gentle muscle testing) I help you discover the events and situations in life which have, and still are, affecting your wellbeing. With Hypnotherapy I help you to make those inner emotional changes necessary for you to heal completely. This combination of therapies creates deep emotional healing and lasting improvements in health. Not only can symptoms resolve but emotionally you feel much better too.

Success is waiting for you:


Work with me and you can realise your full potential to heal naturally. You can heal the very reasons your body has for being ill..


If you want to take control of your situation and be proactive in overcoming your challenges then this is your chance to do that. I offer a FREE half hour consultation to discuss your needs.

With a little help you can take control of your problems and achieve the healthy outcomes you desire.

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Let me explain things further...


Imagine your subconscious as being like a vast, dark and very complicated castle. This castle is completely dark inside, there is no electric and no form of lighting and no windows. This huge but invisible memory bank holds the sum total of all your memories from your entire life. Most of these memories are hidden from conscious awareness i.e. you may have forgotten them or they are stored far below any level which your conscious mind can access. There may be other memories in your castle which have emotional pain attached to them and so these rooms are consciously avoided and the memories they contain are never resolved.


Now imagine that your conscious mind (your awareness), lives in a small turret with a window. Your conscious mind has a helpful ghost who carries a torch and this helpful ghost zooms around your unconscious castle retrieving memories to help your conscious mind remember and cope as you live your life. Whatever the helpful ghost's torch illuminates forms in your mind as a recollection and these recollections can have various forms such as pictures or sounds or feelings. As stated above, these are our memories which we can consciously call upon to help us make decisions and respond appropriately.

Taking this analogy a little further to explain that also in each darkened room of the castle there lives a “guardian” and his job is to look after the organ or tissues which that particular room of your brain controls e.g. guardian of the intestine tissue has a room. If there is an emotional trauma (emotion) held within the memory of this room the related organ or tissue will develop a symptom. In this example the symptom might be Crohn's disease. There are hundreds of rooms and these collective “guardians” are known as your biological brain or psyche. You can now see how emotions are the real big players in health.

They control body tissue and function through this mechanism and can be both the cause of your symptom and your road to recovery. This biological processing is entirely outside your conscious awareness and it is happening 24 hours a day. This is the most powerful activity which takes place in the brain and I believe it really is the controller of your health, for better or worse. Your body is the teller of your emotional truth, its voice is the symptoms you experience. To truly heal you have to make your inner (often unconscious) truth a peaceful one.


Perhaps you can now see how healing the emotions is the road to success for both personal achievement and good health. Your helpful ghost needs to retrieve good feelings to enable you to achieve and your guardians need to have their peace to guarantee that you are well.

For example: If a child experienced a feeling of separation, perhaps when being left behind by Mummy at school for the first time, this young person could experience a skin rash such as eczema or some other skin condition. This condition might be re-triggered by the "guardian" of the skin room every time its unresolved separation issue is activated. This creates a chronic lingering condition which can only be successfully treated by healing the unconscious painful memory of separation. This process, in principle, explains the emotional/physiological mechanism involved with the creation of symptoms. It can relate to any tissue in the body and to any symptom.

I am interested in how stress and emotional pain can make us ill, so was keen to work with Rob to find the source of my tinnitus. Most medical information tells you that the best you can do is learn to cope with tinnitus, but working with Rob identified that it was my body’s way of diverting my attention and it only took 3 sessions for the tinnitus to go. It’s a wonderful therapy for difficult to treat medical symptoms if you’re willing to dig a little into your emotional past.

Dr. Jnnifer A. PhD

Another important thing to consider it that unconscious memories also shape our relationship with life and with ourselves. We actually respond emotionally to a situation before we are consciously are aware of that situation! Our biological mind is aware of everything all the time and the reactions it creates control us through feelings. This is an unconscious process which is trying to protect us from re-experiencing the “pain”. It can create a shy inwardly focused person who feels trapped within themselves or a confident person who express themselves honestly and achieves. It all depends on our deep emotional memories.

Heal the emotions and live your potential.

I can Help you Heal your Emotional Wounds and Fill your Castle with Light and Love.

To Rob


Thank you so much for offering to help me when I was at my lowest point with Crohn's. You put up with all of my drama and went out of your way to make sure I got better. My everyday life is now transformed and the worry and pain replaced with normal digestion. No more symptoms, hello life! On behalf of me and my family thank you so so so so so much!

Love Hayley.

Only good things can come from this deep healing therapy and you will be pleasantly surprised to discover just how much life potential and good health can be experienced.


I offer one to one sessions and good progress is normally made within four treatments.

"Take tablets for hypertension but started suffering from a racing pulse from time to time. When this happened, blood pressure fell and left me feeling weak and exhausted. As my wife and I go Modern Sequence Dancing some three times every week my condition was becoming a problem. Change in tablets following 24 hours with a heart monitor did not help so I contacted Robert Jardine. After one visit my problem disappeared and I have got my "up and go" back again.


I went for a second visit as the skin on my forehead and scalp was flaky and rough. Some three weeks later skin now looking much better. Can definitely recommend Robert."


B. Spence 4/10/2015.

I am writing this from a short experience I had with Robert.

I came to Robert just a couple of weeks ago at a holistic event which interested me a lot.

I had recently been diagnosed with a condition called Chairi Malformation which effects the brain.

I had no real information from my doctors regarding the diagnoses, so I decided to search the internet about it.

I seemed to be having slight tremors which progressed over a few years, and mainly when I was stressed and after the influence of alcohol (I was thinking it was just the 'shakes').

Anyhow, I believed these tremors were getting worse because I thought that this was a symptom of my condition and I'd just get progressively worse.

When I visited Robert after a terrible day with tremors (as I had been out with friends the night before..) I felt I had terrible shakes, not ur normal shakes, and fearing I had to put up with this for the rest of my life!


Robert then asked me a few question about my tremors and did some kinesiology to find out what was triggering it.

We discovered my subconscious mind had a problem with being frightened and affection.

We had a short discussion about this, and I found that I had been worried about my future of this condition. So this obviously made me feel very concerned in its development.

We then found that I had a problem with affection (to myself) which had created a fear of looking after myself emotionally.

So Robert helped me get through this with tapping.

He conditioned me to deal with the frightened part, then went to the affection part. After about 15 minutes of tapping, and making me feel that I need to look after myself...my tremors had gone!

Something had shifted in my mind which I find incredible, I now have no tremors, and to prove it...I had a lot of drinks last night and woke up with no shakes and no tremors!.....the best feeling ever!

It does really work and I am so grateful to be part of Robert's work.


I would recommend this treatment to anyone!



NOTE: You are advised to consult a medical doctor if you are unwell. There is no claim made or suggested that my work will address, alleviate, treat or cure any form of cancer. My therapy includes Hypnotherapy, deep emotional healing and Kinesiology and with these I help people to balancing chi energies and emotional energies. My therapy is not a direct treatment for disease but only the emotional and energetic factors involved with ones well-being.

My method is to set the emotional foundations for excellent health and let nature do the rest.