Robert Jardine, RK(UK), MBRCP-K.

NOTE The information and concepts presented in this website are for your interest and information purposes only. Please understand that the German New Medicine (GNM) has NOT been scientifically verified and is NOT accepted as fact by the medical profession. You are advised to seek appropriate medical help from a registered medical doctor if you are unwell. There is no claim made or suggested that my work will address, alleviate or treat any form of cancer directly but only emotional issues associated with it. Kinesiology is a therapy method and it is not a treatment for any disease.


Introducing you to two exciting possibilities in healing:



The German New Medicine (GNM)


Discovered by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, this is, in my opinion, pure gold; the most significant medical discovery ever made!


This ground breaking research and vast body of work is the culmination of the painstaking work of Dr. Hamer, who studied the case histories, life events and brain scans of thousands upon thousands of patients.


His scientific research uncovered a universal factor common to the cause of all diseases (except injuries and toxic poisoning): an unexpected, deeply felt and isolating shock event. These events cause what is known as a biological conflict in the terminology of the GNM. Biological conflicts, when active, can be seen on CT scans of the brain as a ring pattern and they also cause biological changes within the body which appear as disease symptoms. Dr Hamer has also discovered that these so-called "diseases" are actually symptoms of an adaptive process caused by our bodies as they adapt to help us overcome the original biological conflict (the shock).


The GNM proves scientifically what we have instinctively known for a very long time, and that is that diseases are caused by life stresses. This is very significant.


Dr Hamer also found that if his patients resolved the issues causing the biological conflict, either by sorting the issue out or through therapy, they recovered naturally and quite quickly. Under independent scrutiny of his records his success rates for treating mostly advanced disease conditions, is well over 90%.


This incredible scientific research finally gives us a clear understanding of the biological conflicts causing MS, depression, skin conditions, IBS or anything else, because every disease in reality is part of our body's attempt to adapt to help us overcome a biological conflict and these conflicts have been identified and are presented in the GNM. If people resolve their biological conflicts the vast majority recover naturally.






This is a gentle and supporting therapy that safely resolves issues which may have a lot of emotional energy. It involves muscle monitoring (lightly pressing on a muscle) and this provides feedback directly from your body that enables you to discover what your priority healing needs are. It also energises your body's natural healing potential by helping you to resolve the underlying issues driving your symptoms.


When Kinesiology is used properly one is able to communicate directly with the deep memory centres of the mind and so communicate with a vast amount of historical emotional history. You are unlikely to recall this history normally or even realise its significance. With kinesiology these factors are easily available and we are able to find important parts of the issues driving your symptoms, especially the emotional factors. There is no hypnosis or trance involved with kinesiology in fact you are fully present and involved in the process.



The body of scientific research, the GNM, is not a therapy method in itself but an understanding of the natural processes within us all which cause our bodies to create symptoms. It provides us with a detailed explanation as to why we become unwell.


Kinesiology is a therapy modality which enables us to relieve deep seated stresses and find practical and effective solutions to the life issues causing them. With this I can help you understand in a broader life context, why you have developed your problems and how to best address the underlying factors triggering them. These insights naturally lead people to find a successful way forward and achieve a healthy outcome.


I work with you and together we find the issues and emotions causing your problems, resolve them and through this release your inner potential to heal.


Please explore the rest of this site and contact me to discuss the possibilities that my work presents and how it is relevant to you. I also have a meetup group where I organise meetings and presentations so come along and find out more.