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Here you can discover why you have become unwell and more importantly how to recover.


In effect it helps you to answer these two questions:


"why have I contracted this condition?"


"what do I need to do to reverse this condition and regain my health?"


The secret to overcoming your health problems is very simple and very very effective. It is also within the reach of everyone who wants it. It is simple, common sense and it works.


The secret is this: If you are unwell and wish to recover you need to heal the biological stress conflicts which are responsible for causing your health condition. Doing this can allow your body to start a natural healing process which eventually can restore your good health.


I understand this process and I offer to help you realise it.

It is simple, common sense and it works.


This empowering therapeutic approach will give you an understanding that answers both of the above questions and it enables you to be very much in control of your body's natural recovery. I offer a service that guides you through a natural healing process and facilitates your journey back to good health.

A very large body of evidence with more than 50,000 successful case histories shows us that to achieve a real and permanent cure you have to heal the underlying factors and these are always emotional life issues which trigger biological conflicts. My practical approach using Kinesiology helps you heal these underlying factors and frees you to live and enjoy a healthy life.

So here are the basics:


Life stresses which hit us deeply cause our bodies to react biologically and create the symptoms or diseases we are all too familiar with. In fact it is this mechanism which causes virtually every health condition.


This is the massive discovery made by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer as he worked as head internist doctor in a cancer research department of the University of Munich in the 1980's. His amazing discoveries began after he contracted cancer himself just a few months after his son Dirk had been shot and fatally wounded. Dr Hamer felt strongly that there was a link between his son's death and the onset of his own cancer. He was determined to find and scientifically prove that link and he did.



But there is more, this research not only proves that diseases are caused by stress but also that they are controlled by our brains and can indeed be seen, using a CT scanner, as markings in the brain when the disease is progressing. This continuing research now has over 50,000 case histories verifying this and so far has been 100% accurate for all diseases and all cases.

Can this knowledge help us? Yes absolutely!


If you resolve the life issues which are causing your body to create symptoms, you recover. Dr Hamer achieved success rates as high as 98% in curing people and many of them suffering from advanced cases of "terminal" cancer. He was equally successful at curing most other diseases ranging from serious to the trivial. How? Because they are all caused by our bodies reacting to specific life stresses and if these stresses are resolved, you get better.

Releasing your inner potential to heal



My therapy offers you a path to freedom from the health conditions you suffer. I work with you to accurately identify and resolve the stress conflicts which are underlying your condition. This process releases your inner potential to heal and you can then truly achieve a positive and lasting outcome.



Why not walk this path and find your healing, you deserve it. Through healing your unresolved emotional/biological triggers you can regain your natural state of well-being. You can look and feel better and have a sense of optimism about the future because with this new knowledge you will understand your health and be in control of it.



REMEMBER, you are invited to call me or email me if you want to talk about this life changing therapy. Skype consultations can easily be arranged for treatment so distance need not be a block to finding your healing.

Enjoy and Discover.

NOTE The information and concepts presented in this website are for your interest and information purposes only. You are advised to seek appropriate medical help from a registered medical doctor if you are unwell. There is no claim made or suggested that my work will address, alleviate or treat any form of cancer directly but only emotional issues associated with it. Kinesiology is a therapy method and it is not a direct treatment for any disease.