Introducing you to two exciting possibilities in healing:


  • The German New Medicine gives a scientific explanation and understanding of disease. It helps you answer the question, "why has this happened to me?". The GNM is a vast body of scientific evidence explaining the factors causing diseases such as, but not limited to, cancer. These factors are without exception, biological conflicts (see GNM for explanation).


  • Kinesiology assists you in resolving the underlying biological conflicts which trigger disease and thus facilitates successful recovery. It is a therapy which gets to the real heart of the problem ie. the emotions, and heals you from the core of your being. It uses methods which access our subconscious mind as we are awake. It enables your body to tell you the reasons why symptoms have appeared and helps you find the best way to regain your wellbeing. It helps you answer the question "how can I become well again?"


These two fields of knowledge are separate but if applied together form a powerful healing combination. This innovative approach enables people suffering health problems ranging from cancer to dry skin to understand why they have the condition and more importantly how to overcome it.


The underlying concept which this approach to wellness is based on is that every disease condition happens for a reason i.e. your body is creating the disease, it is not just bad luck.


If you are aware of the symptoms and/or you have a accurate diagnosis then the GNM will take you a long way towards knowing what is happening within you and why it is happening. Dr Hamer's work is so detailed that we are now able to estimate, quite accurately, what type of life event will be causing the development of your disease.


Kinesiology approaches the problem from a different perspective. In skilled hands, one is able to communicate directly with the deep memory centres of the mind and so communicate with a vast amount of historical emotional history. You are unlikely to recall this history normally or even realise its significance. With kinesiology these factors are easily available and we are able to find important parts of the issues driving your disease, especially the emotions. There is no hypnosis or trance involved with kinesiology in fact you are fully present and involved in the process.


I work with you and together we find the issues and emotions causing your problems, resolve them and through this release your inner potential to heal.


Please explore the rest of this site and contact me to discuss the possibilities that my work presents and how it is relevant to you. I Also have a meetup group where I organise meetings and presentations.


Robert Jardine, RK(UK), MBRCP-K.

There is a legal imperative to state clearly that all information and concepts presented or inferred in this website are for information purposes only and you are advised to seek appropriate medical help if you are unwell.